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Reliable Heavy Duty Towing in Lexington, KY

A strong, heavy duty truck is essential for transporting vehicles on a bigger scale safely. You can’t tow a bus or semi truck with your car and a tow cable, as you might with a motorcycle or a small car. You need the right truck, the right training, and the right experience to transport a heavy duty load securely.

Quick Towing’s heavy duty towing service in Lexington is ideal for transporting vehicles of a larger size and weight. Our heavy duty trucks have the capacity to tow buses, vans, RVs, construction equipment, large machinery, and more.

A Heavy Duty Towing Solution You Can Trust in Any Situation

Our heavy duty towing service in Lexington is the best solution in any number of difficult situations on the road.

Maybe your truck breaks down while you’re making deliveries in the local area, your bus is damaged in a collision caused by a careless driver, or your RV’s engine refuses to start during a family road trip.

Whatever the reason, if your heavy duty vehicle stops running, that can lead to further problems. For example, if your truck breaks down and you can’t deliver packages, the people expecting to receive those goods will be disappointed. And that could impact your employer’s reputation in the local community.

A fast towing service for all heavy duty vehicles is vital to keep any potential delays and disruptions to a minimum. Quick Towing will ensure that your truck, RV, or other heavy duty vehicle is towed from any spot and transported to its destination promptly. You can have it repaired and ready to hit the road again sooner rather than later.

The 24-Hour Heavy Duty Towing Service You Need in an Emergency

Quick Towing’s heavy duty towing service is available whenever you need it: we’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our steadfast commitment to 24/7 service, you can enjoy real peace of mind that you’ll receive professional towing any time of the day or night.

If you work late shifts, you know we’re here to tow your heavy duty vehicle at a time that suits you. If you experience issues with your truck’s engine early on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you can still reach out to Quick Towing and get a fast response. Unlike some other towing companies, we’re always ready to take calls and bring you expert services round the clock.

Our heavy duty towing is also suitable for long distance and local towing, so if you’re just passing through Lexington, we’ll take your heavy duty vehicle back home for you. We invest in the best heavy duty tow trucks designed to transport all types of large vehicles, construction equipment, and machinery safely.

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