Towing & Roadside Assistance Services

Local and Long-Distance Towing

Towing service is when experts come into your emergency and move your vehicle from one place to another without you needing to drive it. There are actually two types of towing and they depend on your specific car situation. These types are Local Towing and Long-Distance Towing. Learning these two and how they work will prepare you for any unwanted damages you might experience while driving.

Moreover, finding a good towing service company and adding them to your contact list will prevent the chances of getting stuck in the middle of the road. In the event that your car is experiencing certain damage while you’re on the road and you are too afraid to continue driving, call The Quick Towing for a quick-to-respond and reliable local or long-distance towing service.

Local and Long-Distance Towing

What is a Local Towing Service?

Local towing is short-distance towing. It is transporting vehicles into nearby locations. The distance is usually within 100 miles or 150 miles from the place of the car to the destination. Most people commonly use this type to transport their inoperable or damaged vehicles.

Local towing is very useful for drivers who experience car malfunction while they are on the road and they need to get their cars to the nearest auto shop. Taking a short route is very efficient since the towing cars will take minimal time to get to you. Although weather conditions such as snowfall or rainfall are a factor that towing companies consider taking extra care of on the road.

The Quick Towing is one call away to check and provide local towing services wherever you are! Add us in your contact list and we assure you to be there immediately in the time of your inconvenience. Our familiarity around the place will take your car to the nearest auto shop in no time without risking your vehicle to more impairment.

What is a Long-Distance Towing Service?

Long-distance towing is just the opposite of local towing. This type of service includes transporting vehicles in a more distant place, over 200 miles or further. It is most efficient when you are extra miles away from your home and your car suddenly malfunctions.

Long-distance towing is reliable not only for damaged cars, they are also used for relocating vehicles for personal moving purposes. Most people who are planning to move into a new location or city, hire long-distance towing services to give time for its lengthy process.

Fortunately, The Quick Towing can give you an accurate time for relocating your vehicle. We are also very careful in handling any kind of vehicle whether it’s a vintage, sports car, or a family car. You can trust us that your car is being cautiously and safely treated while we transport it.

Moreover, we love to update our clients from time to time to assure them of the location of their vehicle. In a matter of time, your car will get to the location you wanted with no signs of damages.

How do I know which type of Towing Service I need?

Considering that distance is the main factor that differs between local and long-distance towing, knowing how far you want your car to be transported will determine the type of service you need. If you are in the middle of a crisis and you can’t figure out the towing service you need, The Quick Towing would be happy to assist you and offer the right service.

You may call us even if you haven’t decided whether you want a local or long-distance towing.

For a smooth conversation, you will need to describe your situation and give some information so we can assess the emergency and the time it will require. After all, each towing service requires different resources and types of service trucks thus, information is the solution to get your vehicle moving to another place.

In case you are in an emergency situation and you have no idea where you are, The Quick Towing can identify your location by opening your device’s GPS and describing to us in detail your place. Our customer service call is 24/7 open and our employees are calm, convenient, yet effective to assess your place so there is nothing to worry about!

Average Cost of a Local and Long-Distance Towing

The rate of your towing depends on the type of vehicle, distance, and service you will need. Since local towing will require few resources and labor it is much affordable than long-distance towing that requires more resources. Quick Towing is reasonable when it comes to pricing our services.

We want the best for our clients so, in every service they purchase, we give our 100% effort to make the service worth it and leave our customers satisfied. Rest assured that you may ask for receipts and papers as well to satisfy transparency. Our company is known for its reliability and honesty since we are licensed, insured, and have well-practiced car towing experts.

Why should I hire The Quick Towing for a Local and Long-Distance Towing Service? 

The Quick Towing is known for the things: Professional, Trustworthy, and Availability.

We have different towing trucks that you can choose from to fit your vehicle. Our local and long-distance towing services are dependable and attested by several customers who are very satisfied with our services.

You can trust your vehicle to us whether it’s a truck, SUV, or motorcycle. We provide covers for each of them to prevent direct heat or scratches. We also have enough friendly and professional employees for each towing service who can handle your vehicle with the protection it needs.

Our phone line is quick to respond to any emergency calls that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We operate fast and update our clients about the location of his/her vehicles. We also provide tracking devices so you can see our whereabouts.